SMALL 300g
BIG 400g

SMALL 300g
BIG 400g
Wild Mushroom & Chestnut (less than 5% fat)
A classic...Creamy wild mushrooms and chestnut soup, finished with a splash of fino sherry. Dairy / vegetarian / alcohol
Thai Green Chicken Curry
Deliciously fragrant, our Thai green chicken curry soup is made with lime leaves, lemongrass and coconut milk for an authentic flavour. Garnished with rice. Non dairy / meat / spicy / gluten (soy sauce contains wheat)
Thai Butternut Squash (less than 5% fat)
A fragrant soup of butternut squash & coconut milk blended with red chilli, lime & ginger. Non dairy / gluten (soy sauce contains wheat)/ vegetarian / vegan / spicy
Old Fashioned Chicken and Egg Noodles (less than 5% fat)
This has become an EAT all-time favourite! It's the original comfort food. Garnished with fresh chopped chives. Non dairy / meat / Gluten (noodles contain wheat)
Creamy Slow Roasted Tomato
A rich soup with intense flavours from the slow roasting - takes this classic recipe to a new level! Dairy / vegetarian
Chicken Pot Pie
No doubt about it, this is an EAT classic. This is what comfort food is all about. Creamy chicken with loads of fresh vegetables. Garnished with a puff pastry top. Dairy / meat /gluten (pastry top contains wheat)
Creamy Sweetcorn
A perfect pick me up...a creamy soup of crunchy sweetcorn, flavoured with thyme. Dairy/ Vegetarian
Chicken Laksa
A Malaysian classic. Lots of noodles and chicken in a spicy coconut creamy soup. Garnished with a fresh salad of spring onion, spinach and coriander. Non-Dairy / meat / spicy / gluten (noodles contain wheat)
Spicy Tomato and Basil (less than 5% fat)
Tomato soup with fresh basil and red chilli peppers for some added zip! Non-Dairy / vegetarian / spicy
Ham Hock, Pea & Barley
Ham Hock , Pea & Barley in a fragrant broth with thyme & fennel ,garnished with peas & mint. Meat /Pork
Less than 5% fat
White Soup roll - 0.55, Malted Soup roll - 0.55, Seeded Rye Bread - 0.65